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Game News
Welcome to the Order of The Jedi Elite, a raiding guild on Wall of Light Server.

We believe that guilds should prioritize what they do best. We raid and we do it very well. For a list of our current class openings look at our recruitment tab to right side of the page. Our open recruitment policy is now closed. Potential members are only accepted per application basis now.

We have openings for exceptional players no matter our recruitment status. When our roster is full and you think you can best our members. We will try you out and if your performance out performs our core members, this earns you a spot in the guild and sadly boots the guy you out performed from his raid spot.
Guild News

Gearing tips for our fresh 50's

utzwartooth, Jan 30, 12 5:50 PM.
Added a post to the forums about how and where to begin gearing yourself for raiding!

Go read it and then get to work! :P

Karagga Hard Mode Dead!!!!!!!

Azrain \ Guild Master, Jan 30, 12 1:50 PM.
Oh yeah, My fellow Jedi Elite We are officially claiming our position on this server as a competitive guild. With our new kill of Karagga Hard Mode establishes our rank as 2nd best on the Republic side. Guys keep up your good work Knightmare mode is our next achievement. 

Videos Coming soon to You Tube!!!!

Azrain \ Guild Master, Jan 27, 12 1:14 PM.
Hey guys,

The past few weeks have been great on our progression, so in return I'm putting together a collection of fraps videos of our Hard mode boss kills. I can't wait to show you all our hard work, but my skills with video editing are at a basic level. These videos are also to be intended to be educational how to videos for other guilds that haven't entered the zones yet.

I would like to express myself by saying "you are all doing a great job thus far and only getting better."

The videos will be uploaded by next weekend for all your viewing pleasures.



Forman Down

Azrain \ Guild Master, Jan 22, 12 6:26 PM.

Current Progression Stats

Azrain \ Guild Master, Jan 22, 12 6:24 PM.

Bonethrasher Down!!!!

Azrain \ Guild Master, Jan 10, 12 3:09 AM.

4th Boss Eternity Vaults Down!!!

Azrain \ Guild Master, Jan 10, 12 3:05 AM.

Death of Gharj!!!!!

Azrain \ Guild Master, Jan 10, 12 3:03 AM.
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Order of The Jedi Elite - Progression
Karaggas Palace (Hard)
  Bonethrasher Down
  Foreman Crusher Down
  G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator Down
  Jarg and Sorno Down
  Karagga the Unyielding Down
Galactic Republic
2 Gunslingers
2 commando- heal spec & DPS
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